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The best thing that can happen to a student who joins B FIT institute is the B FIT Portal www.bfittest.com which is specially created by the professionals of B FIT institute (not merely rented from third party vendors) taking into account every single requirement of students facing Banking and other Competitive Exams. At B FIT Institute we have created not a mere Online Test platform but an Online Portal which has, apart from the Online Tests, several additional features. The video by K.Mohan Chandran Prinicipal and Director of B FIT Institute records the salient and the useful features of the B FIT PORTAL

What Is Special About B FIT Portal?

  • More than 800 videos by experts are available in the Portal.
  • First, concepts are explained and then actual questions from the recent Bank and other exams are discussed.
  • No prior Knowledge is assumed on the part of learners.
  • The Online Tests provide three types of Tests:
    • Practice tests
    • Practice Combo Tests
    • Mock Tests
  • Mock Tests simulate IBPS Bank exams and are provided with compulsory time counters
  • As soon as the Tests are submitted by the students, a graphical analysis is provided about the number of right answers, wrong answers and the questions not attended.
  • The graphical analysis helps the students to know the areas in which they are weak or strong.
  • Latest questions asked in the exams are introduced to students through the QOD
  • The questions are provided by the Subject Matter Experts with answers and explanations which are very useful.
  • Ten topical items of Current Affairs from exam point is culled out and presented by Experts.
  • As it is in capsule form with the relevant images, students can remember and recall them in the exam.
  • Latest topics in banking and Economics presented as a power point is provided.
  • Students can view them as slides and update their knowledge
  • Announcement regarding important exams and their last dates to apply are provided.
  • This highlights the important exams for the students.
  • Expert opinion on the latest development in the exam pattern and the type of new questions asked is provided.
  • Important new tests uploaded in the Portal are highlighted.
  • Latest job opportunities for the students is made available in one place and at one go.
  • Last date to apply for important jobs highlighted.

In short, the B FIT web Portal contains all the latest and important information needed by an earnest student to pass Bank and other competitive Exams.

B FIT Android App is available for download in the Google Playstore and B FIT students can download and install the App in their mobiles. All the features of Portal including Video lessons, Online tests, G.K today etc., are available in the mobile App as well. The students can access the Portal through the mobile itself at their convenience, learn even while travelling and make every single second available before exam productively. The B FIT Mobile App is provided absolutely free of cost to all B FIT students.