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B FIT (Banking Finance and Insurance Training Institute) a Bank Exam Coaching Centre in Chennai was started in the year 2009, by Banking and Insurance Professionals with a view to provide expert coaching to the candidates who face Bank, Insurance, RRB and SSC and other competitive exams.

What We offer?

Cracking the bank exams requires a totally different skill set which a normal college education does not provide. B FIT fills this gap in skill set by providing all that you need to know to crack competitive exams in a simple and professional way.

Why Choose us?

Institute started and run by professional bankers

Only institute to follow a new Synchronized Learning Method

B FIT Portal is created by professionals and not merely rented from outside vendors

More than 800 Video lessons by experts.

Shortcut techniques and time management tools

Mobile app provided free to students

What is Synchronized Learning Method?

B FIT has developed a new SYNCHRONISED LEARNING METHOD which synthesizes Home Learning, Class Room Session and Online Test Practice into one harmonious whole. Under this method

  •   First learn from Home Video Lessons.
  •   Then attend Class Room Sessions, to enhance your learning.
  •   Finally, take Online and Mock Test to complete your learning.

In this new method of learning, you use every second of your valuable time profitably, fast-tracking your way to success. All the three learning platforms are synchronized for the individual student.

  •   Excellent classroom coaching by professional bankers, insurance and English Language experts.
  •   About 800 videos by experts on important lessons that will play in your laptop and mobile from which you can learn at your ease and poise.
  •   Top notch Coaching material researched and prepared by experts covering latest developments.
  •   Our own (not rented) Online portal with a wealth of updated information offering weekly tests and mock exam for students with graphical analysis of their performance in the tests.
  •   The feedback on every question in the portal contains not only the correct answers but explanations along with pictures which will help the student to remember and recall the answers quickly in the exam hall.
  •   Top 100 one line GK questions designed to cover the latest general awareness with specific reference to banking industry and economy in general in one line.
  •   Personalized evaluation of tests, mock interview by subject matter experts.
  •   Expert guidance in certain subjects like Test of Reasoning to score higher marks especially within the time constraint of the exams.
  •   Several short cuts along with training in Speed mathematics provided to save time while answering the quant paper.
  •   Three mock tests in classroom before the end of the program.
  •   Tricks of time management to score higher marks in the exam.
  •   Latest developments in the field of economics, banking, insurance and finance to cover the Test of General Awareness.
  •   Banking and technical topics explained in simple style so that even non-commerce students like software techies who do not have any background in these subjects can face the questions with confidence.

B FIT as a top class bank exam coaching centre in Chennai helps students to enhance their level of knowledge for competitive exams and assists them to analyze their performance in weaker areas. Additionally we also provide coaching in descriptive part in English language to succeed in SBI PO and SSC exams. These contribute in making it a fact that B FIT Institute is among the best bank exam coaching centers in Chennai .

Reach B FIT Institute – Banking Finance & Insurance Training Institute – and return back with bank or Government job.

Join B FIT as student and return as Professional. That is B FIT’s motto and mantra! That is what YOU will experience with us!

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